Forensic Analysis Program 1.4: Forensic Analysis Software Facilitate the Users for Forensic Analysis of Emails

Forensic Analysis Program 1.4

Forensic analysis of emails is the most essential element in forensic analysis program which allows the forensic investigators to execute the practice of email data analysis for cyber crime investigation. Forensic analysis software allows analyzing forensic evidence, email headers, email messages of source code emails like HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME, PROPERTIES VIEW etc. Forensic analysis software reduces the time and energy both of the users while searching

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ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software 2.2.0: Easy to use Statistical Analysis and Inference for Windows

ESBStats - Statistical Analysis Software 2.2.0

Analysis and Inference Software for Windows covering everything from Average, Mode and Variance through to Hypothesis Analysis, Time Series and Linear Regression. Includes Online Help, Tutorials, Graphs, Summaries, Import/Export, Customisable Interface, Calculator, Live Spell Check, Install/Uninstall and much more. - Single, Dual (paired and unpaired) and Multiple Data Analysis (Multivariate analysis not in Lite Version). - Data can be either for

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Business Analysis Software 1: Business forecasting up to 10 years, valuation, breakeven and price analysis.

Business Analysis Software 1

Business Analysis Software provides business forecasting, valuation, breakeven and price analysis. With up to a 10 year Forecast, Sensitivity Analysis, Investment Return, Net Present Value, calculated Business Valuation, Breakeven and Optimum Price analysis. Modules run in your browser, do not alter your system in any way and all data is saved locally on your computer providing the highest level of security.

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ESBPDF Analysis - Probability Software 2.4.1: Probability Analysis Software for Windows that is easy to use.

ESBPDF Analysis - Probability Software 2.4.1

Analysis is Probability Analysis Software that provides everything needed for using Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions in a single Windows application. Most Tables and supplied functions (such as in MS Excel) give P(X less than A) and using algebra other results can be found whereas ESBPDF Analysis is Probability Analysis Software that handles all the combinations for you. Features include Binomial, Poisson, Hypergeometric, Normal,

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2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 2.0: Static and Dynamic analysis of frames,trusses and beams

2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 2.0

ANALYSIS: Static and dynamic analysis of multi span beams, 2D trusses and 2D frames Modal analysis and eigenvalues estimation User controlled damping coefficient, step and time parameters Mode superposition method in order to calculate the dynamic response Automatic creation of consistent mass matrix Multi-step dynamic analysis Definition of time-dependent loading on elements and nodes Unlimited number of Nodes and Beams All type of boundary conditions

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Investment Analysis Software 10: Easily analyze the performance of any investment to maximize returns.

Investment Analysis Software 10

Analysis Software provides the capacity to easily analyze the performance of any investment. It applies basic input variables to build an investment analysis by year. Investment performance is converted to equivalent current year values enabling the actual investment performance to be determined. Applying this approach allows comparisons to be made between different investment types. It also provides an effective means of projecting investment performance

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AptiStock 2.02: A professional free stock EOD Data analysis software.

AptiStock 2.02

analysis software developed for every level of trader. The basic intention of AptiStock is to allow everyone to use technical analysis software without the needs to buy an expensive tool. It is ideal for the novices who are passionate in stock market and it also has a short learning curve of less than 30 minutes. It helps traders to be more success in the stock market trading by helping the traders to know when is the right timing to enter the market

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UK Horse Racing Analyser The UK Horse Racing Analyser is Horse Racing analysis software.

UK Horse Racing Analyser

The UK Horse Racing Analyser is Horse Racing analysis software, to accurately predict the outcome of up to 10 UK Flat or NH Jump races per day, for up to 10 horses each race. Benefits of using UK Horse Racing Analyser: You can make safer bets, with piece of mind, one off purchase cost, with NO annual license fees, no need to sign up to monthly or annual data update subscriptions, license can be moved from computer to computer.

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MB Learn Graphology 1.20

MB Free Learn Graphology is an interesting software that helps one learn more about the study of handwriting. This is a free graphology or handwriting analysis learning and testing software. It is an advanced yet simple and handy program that helps you to understand the significance of your handwriting. This is an unique educational tool that helps you learn the basics of hand writing analysis or graphology.

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Easy Fundamentals 1.01: Easy Fundamentals - Fundamental Analysis Software

Easy Fundamentals 1.01

Easy Fundamentals fundamental analysis software is a revolutionary new program that allows you to view the fundamental details of over 7000 stocks listed on the NSYE, NASDAQ, AMEX & ASX stock exchanges. At the click of a button Easy Fundamentals allows you to view the following fields of data for any company that is listed in the data updates: Symbol, Company Name, Sector, Industry, Index, Market Cap, Price, EPS, DPS, PE Ratio and more....

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